Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sparklehorse Collection

RIP Mark Linkous

Don't Take My Sunshine Away
Homecoming Queen
It's A Wonderful Life
Getting It Wrong
Weird Sisters
Piano Fire
Saint Mary
Shade and Honey
Sea Of Teeth
See the Light
Spirit Ditch
Some Sweet Day
Knives of Summertime
Most Beautiful Widow In Town
Heart Of Darkness
Someday I Will Treat You Good
Hundreds of Sparrows
Sad and Beautiful World
Gasoline Horseys



Roy Pearl said...

Nice! I was going to attempt a similar mix tribute, but you've picked all the exact same songs I would've gone with anyway (although I might've tried to fit "Maria's Little Elbows" in there too). Sad, sad news about ML.

jay said...

Thank you. A nice tribute and greatly appreciated.peace.

stewrat said...

great set - I'll miss Sparklehorse. Too much troubled artestry in this world. I feel very lucky to have seen him live twice. Thanks for the share