Monday, November 02, 2009

The Best of Marah

This set of working class, sweat-covered songs are from one of my favorite bands, the boys from Philly, Marah. Often called, "the last rock n roll band", Marah, led by Dave & Serge Bielanko are a band with an inimitable sound, built upon the best traits of rock, vintage country, and classic rock. (Serge left the band in late 2008 to be a full-time father). The following songs are culled from the following records, Let's Cut The Crap and Hook Up later Tonight (1998), Kids in Philly (2000), 20,000 Streets Under The Sky (2004), If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry (2005) and Angels of Destruction (2008).

Of the records represented here, one will be included in my forthcoming Best of The Decade. Venture a guess ?

Enjoy !

Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft
Phantom Eyes
For The Price of A Song
Rain Delay
Baby Love
Faraway You
Point Breeze
My Heart is the Bums on the Street
Round Eye Blues
Barstool Boys
The Catfisherman
The History of Where Someone Has Been Killed
Sooner or Later
The Hustle
City of Dreams
The Demon of White Sadness
Walt Whitman Bridge
Feather Boa
Pigeon Heart
Angels on a Passing Train