Thursday, February 28, 2008

Colin Moulding of XTC

With all the talk around Andy's Fuzzy Warbles releases (deservedly so I may add) the last few years, I figured it was about time XTC's bassist and secondary singer/songwriter Colin Moulding received some props. His bass playing, a cross between Paul McCartney and James Jamerson and his way of turning a vocal melody were key components in the evolution of the band over the course of 25+ years. XTC, a band known for their long-standing critical success may be no more as in November 2006, Partridge told the press that Moulding no longer had any interest in writing, performing or even listening to music. Partridge said he would not continue XTC without Moulding, and therefore has been forced to regard XTC "in the past tense."

01. Vanishing Girl - Psonic Psunspot
02. Grass - Skylarking
03. Generals And Majors - Black Sea
04. What In The World?? - 25 O'Clock
05. The Meeting Place - Skylarking
06. Making Plans For Nigel - Drums And Wires
07. Life Begins At The Hop - Drums And Wires
08. Runaways - English Settlement
09. Ball And Chain - English Settlement
10. Ten Feet Tall - Drums And Wires
11. Shiny Cage - Psonic Psunspot
12. In Loving Memory Of A Name - Mummer
13. The Affiliated - Psonic Psunspot
14. Big Day - Skylarking
15. Collideascope - Psonic Psunspot
16. Love At First Sight - Black Sea
17. Wake Up - The Big Express
18. My Bird Performs - Nonsuch
19. Bungalow - Nonsuch
20. Frivolous Tonight - Apple Venus
21. Boarded Up - Wasp Star


Monday, February 11, 2008

Teenage Fanclub (for beginners)

In 1991, the record of the decade was released, Nirvana's Nevermind.
So, what album did Spin Magazine pick for its best album of 1991? Teenage Fanclub's Bandwagonesque. It's true. Look it up. They were the mega buzz band. They performed on SNL, Zines called'em the next big thing. Pitchfork would've said "Best New Music" if they existed. Alas, Pitchfork didn't exist, and alas Teenage Fanclub was not the next big thing. They continued to make records that I loved, but critics didn't. As a result they slowly faded but continued to put out a quality record every few years, each time featuring a few brilliant pop songs. I think critics get bitter at songwriters who are dependable and not rock'n'roll enough.

Sparky's Dream - Grand Prix
Ain't That Enough - Songs From Northern Britain
I Need Direction - Howdy
Mellow Doubt - Grand Prix
I Don't Want Control Of You - Songs From Northern Britain
The Concept - Bandwagonesque
What You Do To Me - Bandwagonesque
Neil Jung - Grand Prix
Start Again - Songs From Northern Britain
Winter - Songs From Northern Britain
It's All In My Mind - Man-Made
Everything Flows - A Catholic Education
Hang On - Thirteen
If I Never See You Again - Howdy