Wednesday, December 16, 2009

COTM'S Cinematic Best of The Decade

01. there will be blood
02. sexy beast
03. the straight story
04. dancer in the dark
05. downfall
06. city of god
07. the triplets of belleville
08. mulholland drive
09. amelie
10. no country for old men
11. amores perros
12. donnie darko
13. oh brother, where art thou
14. you can count on me
15. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
16. magnolia
17. ghost world
18. punch drunk love
19. talk to her
20. irreversible
21. 21 grams
22. memento
23. good night and good luck
24. sideways
25. 28 days later

I know this is cheating but I'd like to add the Three Colors Trilogy directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. They first debuted separately in the '90's, but released as a set in 2003. Even though one can view each segment of Three Colors trilogy on its own, they're best seen as one piece.

Guilty Pleasure Picks
Napolean Dynamite
School of Rock
Wedding Crashers
Almost Famous

Music Documentary
Bob Dylan - No Direction Home
The Ramones - End of The Century
Wilco - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart


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