Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Best Of Jay Farrar

With the stunning new record from Son Volt set to drop on July 7th, I thought it high time to up a few songs from one of my favorite songwriters, Jay Farrar. Simply put, his songs have a profound effect on me as both a listener and a songwriter. These songs are culled from both of his solo releases as well as the first six Son Volt records including three tracks from the soon to released American Central Dust.

Enjoy !

01. Medicine Hat
02. Tear Stained Eye
03. All Of Your Might
04. Windfall
05. Creosote
06. Dust of Daylight
07. Methamphetamine
08. Picking Up The Signal
09. Bandages And Scars
10. Hanging Blue Side
11. Ten Second News
12. The Picture
13. No More Parades
14. Highways And Cigarettes
15. Drown
16. Barstow
17. Outside The Door
18. Roll On
19. Cahokian
20. The Search
21. Cocaine and Ashes



Anonymous said...

It's all good stuff. Thanks muchly.

peter said...

I think Son Volt is a great band. I was in love with the first two albums, then lost it a bit but it was all back with The Search which is a kickass album (check also the various songs (I have 11) released here and there as bonus disc.

The new album is again good but, if you ask me, not as good as The Search. That one I still have with me on my bicycle rides