Monday, March 02, 2009

Outrageous Cherry

Matthew Smith of Outrageous Cherry & The Volebeats
- Detroit musician and producer extraordinaire.

With the release of a new record, Universal Malcontents, I thought it high time to put together a comp for the uninitiated. The songs reflected here, culled from a sizable output over the last fifteen years are nothing short of genius.
Having toiled in in the shadows for years, which is a shame, really, as the Motor City quartet’s string of 60's/70's, AM radio, psych/fuzz output has always been consistently good. (That said, I'm still trying to figure out why last year's best-of, Wide Awake in the Spirit World, didn't contain one song from 1999's inspirational Out There in The Dark.) This late in the game, the band could be forgiven for coasting on its considerable talents, but instead Universal Malcontents may be its best record yet. Led by Matthew Smith (who's also a member of The Volebeats) is more in the zone than ever before, whether on the glam-inflected opener, "I Recognized Her", the two minute brilliance of "Anymore", the shimmering psychedelic "Feels Like Shadows” or the sarcastic stomp of “It’s Not Rock N’Roll (And I Don’t Like It).”, Universal Malcontents is Outrageous Cherry’s most engaging record in nearly a decade. These tracks, as well as several from Out There In The Dark, and many others are all represented here.

Enjoy !

Pretty Girls Go Insane
Where Do I Go When You Dream?
(You're Not) A Nice Girl
Saturday Afternoon
Easy Come, Uneasy Glow
I Recognized Her
Solid Sound Gangster
Why Don't We Talk About Something Else
I Wouldn't Treat My Enemies the Way You Treat Yourself
Georgie, Don't You Know
Pale Frail Lovely One
Feels Like Shadows
What Have You Invented Today?
I've Been Obsessed
Lord Have Mercy On Me
Stay Right Here for a Little While
If You Want Me
New Creature
Stay Happy
This Evening
Memphis Stereo
It's Rock 'N' Roll (And I Don't Like It)



Anonymous said...

Great post! (Too bad so many files are in m4p..what's that?)

Thanks for those we could hear though!

Glenn said...

Thanks for the Cherries. I'm familiar with The Volebeats but just finding out about the OC's.

M.Lamerex said...

Hey there, MC

Really appreciate you putting this nice mix together...even more broad & satisfying than their releasedl retrospective compilation.
Was wondering if you might have discovered that at least 6 or 7 of the tunes were 'Itunes password protected', and, no surprise...I couldn't crack it. (said each tune was only 'authorized' for 5 computers, anyway).
Ah well, the remainder are psych-pop-garage bliss. I dig his "poor man's Phil Spector wall o' 'Verb"
Grateful appreciation.

mitch, tucson

Anonymous said...

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