Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Red Button

01. Cruel Girl
02. She's About to Cross My Mind
03. Floating By
04. She's Going Down
05. I Could Get Used to It
06. Hopes Up
07. Can't Stop Thinking
08. Gonna Make You Mine
09. Ooh Girl
10. Free
11. It's No Secret


A friend turned me onto this power pop gem and as a result, it's been in constant rotation for about a week now. After a little snooping around, it turns out this was on Jack Rabid's (Big Takeover) best records of the year as well as John Borack's best power pop records of all-time. This record is nothing short of a clinic in sheer pop velocity.

Here are a couple of quotes I found :

If The Red Button had been around in the '60's when I was producing I would have signed them to EMI. - Norman Smith
Beatles engineer (1962-1966) and record producer (Pink Floyd/Pretty Things) for EMI

Pop music the way God, Paul and John had intended.

- John Borack - Goldmine Magazine


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. Never heard `o them, but sounds like it`s right up my alley.

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, it says it's set for Private when I go
to download.... with those reviews, it's something I'd love to give a' listen!


People Are Leaving said...

File is now ready for DL.