Monday, March 10, 2008

Peter Bruntnell

'Normal For Bridgwater' was the record that really made people start taking notice of Peter Bruntnell. Recorded in Boston with Bruntnell's band, along with Eric Heywood and Dave Boquist from Son Volt, the album was produced by Slow River founder and Rykodisc President George Howard. It soon became something of a classic - from Lay Down This Curse and By The Time My Head Gets To Phoenix to the heart-breaking Handful Of Stars. With Normal For Bridgwater, Bruntnell's beautifully detailed songs of longing and lonesome regrets established him as one of Britain's premier songwriters.
When asked the meaning of the title track Bruntnell offered "a couple who are friends of mine ran a particularly rough pub in Bridgwater (a small town in the UK West Country), and the landlady was telling me one day that the doctors in Bridgwater use the abbreviation NFB (= Normal For Bridgwater) when describing their test results for slightly disturbed local patients." His second record, 'Ends of the Earth' is a stunning album, and without a doubt the best thing Bruntnell has ever come up with in his relatively unprolific career to date. Didn’t imagine he could follow up “Normal for Bridgwater” without compromising? Think again. “Ends of the Earth” barely treads any new ground at all, but at the same time still manages to throw up some of the best tracks you’ll have heard in a long time. “Here Comes the Swells,” the album opener is a good introduction to what lies ahead - Bruntnell’s voice is his second finest asset, second only to his songwriting.

Handful Of Stars - Normal For Bridgwater
N.F.B. - Normal For Bridgwater
Tabloid Reporter - Ends Of The Earth
Here Come The Swells - Ends Of The Earth
By The Time My Head Gets To Phoenix - Normal For Bridgwater
Cosmea - Normal For Bridgwater
Ends Of The Earth - Ends Of The Earth
Lay Down This Curse - Normal For Bridgwater
One Drink Away - Ends Of The Earth
Darling I Suppose - Loose Sounds Of The Old West
Shot From A Spring - Normal For Bridgwater
Played Out - Normal For Bridgwater
Perfume River - Ghost In a Spitfire
Rio Tinto - Ends Of The Earth
You Won't Find Me - Normal For Bridgwater
Fear of Lightning - Ghost In a Spitfire
Forgiven - Normal For Bridgwater
Outlaw (May The Sun Always Shine) - Normal For Bridgwater



Hoolie said...

I don't know, if you check your blog anymore, but I've searched 'round the net for "Normal For Bridgwater". I was wondering, if you would be so kind to post it again.

Thank you.

People Are Leaving said...

I do, yes.
Did you DL what was there, or are you looking for specifically NFB ?
Truly is a great record. I wish Peter would put out another one.

Hoolie said...

Oh, you are there. I did click on your link and it leads me to an error and says, 'invalid file' so I didn't get to download what you had posted.

I am specifically looking for NFB. I would be forever grateful, if you would post it....and yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Peter recording something new. :-)

Hoolie aka coyote

Hoolie said...

I had to find a working link for you...



People Are Leaving said...

Appreciate the new link, thanks.
I'll put up NFB in the next couple of hours.

People Are Leaving said...

I re-upped the first link which has 10 of 12 songs from NFB as well as songs from E.O.T.E. & Ghost In A Spitfire. If you want the additional 2 tracks from NFB, post here and up'em for you.

Hoolie said...

I can't thank you enough for going to the trouble to re-up these songs for me.

You've been so kind to do so, I hate to ask you to upload the other two songs, but I would be so appreciative, if you did. I've searched for the individual mp3's and have not had any luck. It's really difficult to find much by Bruntnell. I don't understand that since he's so very good.

I've already listened to Cosmea about 5 times. I think it's my favorite so far.

People Are Leaving said...

I'll post the last two tracks (Jurassic Parking Lot &
How You Are) later today.
Thanks again for the link to his new one. I've played it once and already like it much more than his last, which was a bit of a disappointment.

People Are Leaving said...

Here are the last 2 tracks from NFB.

Hoolie said...

I've got them all now and I truly thank you. I know it was extra work for you.

You're welcome for the link I left you. I've listened to his new one, but after giving NFB a thorough listen, I've decided it's definitely my favorite.

If there is anything else you might be looking for, let me know. I might be able to find it.

I will be back to read some more of your blog. There are probably some real gems here.