Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wimple Winch

Great collection of songs from one of the finest British Freakbeat/Psych combos' ever. Robert Pollard has cited them more than once as a major influence.

Dig -

01 Marmalade Hair
02 Typical British Workmanship
03 Coloured Glass
04 Lollipop Minds
05 Three Little Teddy Bears
06 You're a Big Girl Now
07 Bluebell Wood
08 Those Who Wait
09 The Last Hooray
10 What's Been Done
11 Save My Soul
12 Everybody's Worried About Tomorrow
13 I Really Love You
14 Rumble on Mersey Square
15 Atmospheres
16 Things Will Never Be the Same
17 That's My Baby
18 There's Not One Thing
19 Don't Come Any Closer
20 Half Past Five



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been looking all over for it.

Anonymous said...


The link doesn't seem to work (September 24). I've tried and tried for days from different computers. Relatively Clean Rivers worked without any problems.

Do you think you could re-post, please?

I have only a couple of tracks by them and I'm dying to hear the rest!

Thanks a bunch.



people are leaving said...

I just tried it and it worked fine.

Anonymous said...


Works now. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Just Four Men/Wimple Winch are great. It's a pity they never got to make a proper album and we have to make do with five singles (ten songs) that were officially released.

I don't know anything about the compilations, like this one. Are they official releases (i.e., releases sanctioned by the band) or bootlegs? The tracks I've heard sound like demos. While the songs are typically very good indeed, the mixes are a little odd and in one case the volume gets turned up and down for no apparent reason.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was so excited when i found this page, but the link is not working.

Is there anything you could do? Their music is just amazing.


ger said...


links is reported by mediafire to be invalid

what is the right linK?

thanks for bothering


People Are Leaving said...

Thanks for the heads-up. The file is now operational.

ger said...

Ger here again

it seems that it's a different file

10 songs instead of twenty

do you still have the extended album?
bye for now