Thursday, January 25, 2007

Teri Falini - The Room

'The Room', the follow-up to her angsty debut 'Sun Under Me', shows a level of songwriting that continues to grow which in my opinion was only alluded to on her debut. Listen to the tracks 'Cut' & 'Broken Man' from her debut for confirmation. While 'The Room' is more of a 'downer' record, there's something about it that draws me in and forces me to hit play again. Some great tracks here from the 'trippy' opener, 'Tangerine', the hooky 'Undressed', the tribal-esqe title track 'The Room' and my current favorite song of 2007, the epic 'My Father'. It's refreshing to listen to a female artist who's unlike anything I've heard. PJ Harvey comes to mind, the singer from Concrete Blonde perhaps. Still, you're nowhere in the ballpark.
Highly recommended (Amazon review)

  • Undressed

  • My Father

  • The Room
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